Anthropology & dating: Would you like to Kula ?

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The following lines are experts from a hilarious discussion thread titled Anthropology Pick Up Lines. The entire discussion can be accessed in a Facebook group that goes by the killer name of Anthropology + Good Looks = Deadly Combination.

+ Are you still living at your mother’s brother ?

+ Can I study your customs ?

+ What are your sexual taboos and to which do you adhere ?

+ Are you an artefact ? Because I dig you…

+ Would you like to play host and guest ?

+ You know, you really match my culturally constructed beauty standard !

+ Aren’t we cross cousins?

+ How about a date in Samoa ? Ideal place to come out of age…

+ Would you like to get ritually intoxicated at my place?

+ I’d love to look into your kinship patterns.

+ Can I put my Self into your Other ?

+ I’d like to render your gender…

+ Let’s subvert and transgress !

+ Would you like to see my totem ?

+ You are so reproductively fit, I’d like to naturally select you.

+ Can I survey your features ?

+ What if I told you I had nice secondary sex characteristics ?

+ I’d like to look into your modes of production

+ How do you feel about honour and shame ?

+ Hey baby nice phenotype !

+ Can I put my superstructure in your infrastructure ?

+ Your village or mine ?

+ I’m an anthropologist, let’s do this orally.

+ I’ve got a huge grant !

+ You just turned me on, according to Mauss I now have to repay you in an amount that’s equal in value to give you your Hau back

Talk theory to me baby !

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  1. Ivey says:

    Woman: “Don’t you remember? I almost majored in archaeology with a minor in anthropology!”

    Man: “Anthropology…oh yeah, that’s the study of man. As a member of the species, I have to tell you you’ve been neglecting your studies lately.”

    From “Heart to Heart” with Robert Wagner. It’s much better in all its original cheesy glory, 5 1/2 mins. in:

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