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The end


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Make a great impression with chinese tea

+ + Sarah + + Difficile de ne pas aimer ce thé de Chine… A definite crowd pleaser.

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Language : The "totally like whatever you know" speech genre

+ + Sarah + + SPOT ON ! This video by film student Ronnie Bruce is an efficient visual take on Taylor Mali‘s poem “Totally Like Whatever You Know“.

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Art from Cologne, Germany: Michelle Christensen and Florian Conradi

+ + Nicolas Malinowsky + + Great works by Michelle Christensen and Florian Conradi, a design partnership based in Cologne Germany. It’s not common to see a Social Scientist teaming up with a Designer to create art. And yet, that’s … Continue reading

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In the press : Stone Age Symbolism

+ + Sarah + + The following is an abstract published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) : A HOWIESONS POORT TRADITION OF ENGRAVING OSTRICH EGGSHELL CONTAINERS DATED TO 60,000 YEARS AGO … Continue reading

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Anthropology: a strange burning sensation

+ + Sarah + + More anthropological fun !  (relevant to many other scientists really) (cc) Creative Commons – Original image from Neuroscience Resources for Kids, with the added wit of Paul from the Neuroanthropology blog.

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Photos : Mass Tourism – And you thought your job sucked ?

+ + Sarah + + I am sometimes filled with intense admiration at the sight of a fellow human being at work ; admittedly often because I’ve done the job in question at one point or other and know for … Continue reading

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