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Art & design : Une typographie aléatoire

+ + Nicolas Malinowsky + + This letter drawing dog installation art was exhibited this year at the International Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne, France. The drawing dog is a toy, equipped with batteries and markers. I call it “random typography” … Continue reading

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Swedish cat crossing

+ + Kathryn Kallady + + It appears that cats are rather intelligent in the university town of Uppsala, Sweden. As included members of the community, they too know that they have the right to use the pedestrian crossing.

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A Bizarre British Ritual named CRUFTS. Constructing Social Status through Man’s (Mutant) Best Friend

+ + Camilla Schickova + + “What I see in front of me is a parade of mutants. It’s some freakish, garish beauty pageant that has nothing, frankly, to do with health and welfare.” Mark Evans, Chief Vet, RSPCA (Royal … Continue reading

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