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The Pro-Ana Movement: Sanctuary & Subculture

Warning: I am about to make rather controversial use of anthropology to better contextualise Pro-Ana – otherwise short for ‘Promote-Anorexia’ – the movement that safeguards anorexia as a lifestyle. [And no, before questions arise, I do not suffer an eating disorder, nor am I pro-Ana – rather pro-listening].

Pro-Ana’s social and psychological online support for anorexia sufferers is clearly well-meant. But it still appears somewhat contradictory in light of the plethora of lifestyle tips on how to become dangerously thin which it also encourages online. Hence the general argument against Pro-Ana websites is that: not only do they provide a space for harmful collective narratives that otherwise prolong the condition in pre-existing sufferers, but that they also encourage its development in non-sufferers. According to contemporary western biomedicine, anorexia must strictly not be viewed as a lifestyle, but as a seriously deadly disorder that is infamously difficult to treat, with the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness. But which comes first – the biological aetiology of the disease, or the cultural norms also influencing its onset? Has anorexia always been perceived as a dangerous, medicalised psychopathology in ages past? And can it ever be viewed culturally rather than medically i.e. as a lifestyle providing alternative cultural narratives for coping with social pressure as well as illness in modern times? Continue reading

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La pudeur de Eve (ou 'Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir')

Prague, République tchèque Adam est nu mais Eve porte un gilet. Prague, Czech Republic Adam is naked – Eve wears a cardigan.

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Gender & the colonial gaze : the amazing artwork of Shigeyuki Kihara

+ + Sarah + + Kihara’s work addresses both gender representation and the gaze of the colonial era on Polynesian Islanders. I love the question ultimately asked by this Samoan artist : “are they worth fitting into?” On display at … Continue reading

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Madame frotte, Monsieur appuie sur le bouton ("Lost in the supermarket")

+ + Sarah + + « Dessine-moi Mir » est un concours organisé par la marque de produits ménagers Mir, du groupe multinational Henkel. À cette occasion, les étudiants des écoles de mode et de design sont invités à habiller … Continue reading

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Le genre & les petites annonces dites 'matrimoniales'

by Sarah Quand le lexique révèle un discours figé sur les identités de genre… Observons donc d’un peu plus près les mots clefs présentés en gras dans la phrase d’accroche au début de chaque profil dans cet extrait de la … Continue reading

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Masculin civilisé ?

by Sarah You can’t read this mag if you’re an uncivilised man ! Ce magasine s’adresse uniquement aux personnes qui sont de sexe masculin et civilisées…

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